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Professional Opportunities

Community College District Job Listings

Updated October 3, 2017


Community College District Position Job Information Filing Deadline
Desert Community College District Manager, Maintenance and Operations

Salary Range

$6,210.88-$8,994.29 monthly

Opportunity Description

Under the direction of the Director, Maintenance and Operations, understand and support the District's mission, values and goals, plan, coordinate, direct and participate in the activities of the maintenance, groundskeeping and other M&O personnel in the maintenance and operation of the Districts buildings, grounds, and related systems and facilities; assure a high quality condition of District facilities; effectively communicate with subordinates, District faculty, staff and supervisor; train supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff.

Representative Duties

  1. Support the District's Mission and Vision.
  2. Plan, coordinate, direct and participate in the construction, maintenance, operation, repair, and alteration of all District structures, equipment and related physical facilities.
  3. Plan, coordinate, direct, and participate in the operation, maintenance and repair of the District grounds, parking lots, sidewalks, playing fields and other related areas.
  4. Confer and coordinate with other M&O supervisory staff regarding methods and procedures of work, supply and equipment requirements and operational problems and conflict.
  5. Select, train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; recommend transfers, reassignments, discipline, terminations, promotions and other personnel actions as appropriate; inspect work in progress regarding methods and procedures of work, supply of necessary tools, material and equipment; prioritize and complete projects in and effective, timely manner.
  6. Maintain computerized work order system, track expenses and time resources, generate reports.
  7. Maintain and monitor energy management system.
  8. Provide oversight for and/or participation in a variety of skilled grounds, operations and maintenance work.
  9. Schedule and supervise the use and application of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, fertilizers and sterilants in a manner that ensures the health and safety of staff, faculty and students, following accepted health and safety practices and regulations.
  10. Provide for the proper care, maintenance and repair of District equipment, vehicles and tools.
  11. Plan and implement maintenance programs; maintain records of maintenance, repairs and use of the District's mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems; District equipment, tools, vehicles; and building equipment systems such as chillers, cooling towers, boilers, motor control centers, electrical panels, pumps and drives.
  12. Make determination of ongoing and future levels of stock, materials and equipment; make cost estimates of construction and repair projects and prepare requisitions for needed maintenance and grounds supplies and equipment.
  13. Assist in preparation of annual budget; track and project departmental grounds and maintenance budget insuring compliance; provide budget status as needed; participate in preparation of annual budget including facility related projects, grounds and maintenance supplies and equipment.
  14. Provide for training and development programs for maintenance and grounds personnel; implement maintenance and grounds operations and training manuals; evaluate assigned employees; review incident reports and accident investigations, make necessary corrective actions or recommendations; assign or reassign personnel to meet the District's business needs or emergencies; interview prospective employees and make recommendations.
  15. Remain current on pertinent legal and legislative matters as they relate to maintenance, construction or Cal-OSHA issues.
  16. Implement and maintain required or recommended equipment and systems logs and tracking; maintain required permit and certificates for equipment, systems and programs.
  17. Direct, supervise and participate in furniture moving, fence mending, emergency repair or clean-up work; assist in the preparation of facilities for athletic and special events.
  18. Work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration in carrying out the function, responsibilities and duties of the job.
  19. Coordinate and work with vendors, inspectors, and others to ensure facility compliance in regard to hazardous materials/waste, fire and life safety, liability, and emissions.
  20. Conduct and attend meetings as necessary.
  21. Be available on-call; respond to District emergencies.
  22. Meet schedules and timelines, organize multiple projects efficiently and effectively and carry out required project details throughout the year.
  23. Seek and participate in professional development activities.
  24. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Link to Full Description and Application:

October 15, 2017


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