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Join our coalition and become a member of CCFC:

Benefits of Membership in CCFC Include:

  1. Regular email updates on pertinent issues regarding community college capital outlay;
  2. Regional workshops to help members overcome the bureaucratic and legislative hurdles in the project approval process;
  3. Discount on CCFC Annual Conference and regional workshop attendance;
  4. Access to the CCFC Professional Opportunities Listing service to post and view jobs;
  5. Access to CCFC resources and staff for individual inquiries; and
  6. Advocacy before the Legislature and the Administration on behalf of CCFC and community colleges.

About CCFC

The Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) is a statewide coalition composed of community college districts, facility planners, architects, developers, financial
institutions, attorneys and consultants. This diversity of membership enhances CCFC's effectiveness and credibility when lobbying the Legislature and Administration for
Community College facility issues. Membership in CCFC provides you with education, resources, and networking opportunities to help meet your facility needs.

Our major purpose is to advocate for adequate State and local revenues for facility construction and to provide comprehensive information regarding community college construction and funding issues. CCFC is actively involved in discussions regarding the future of the state capital outlay program. Our highest priorities are:

  • Increasing the funding level provided for community college capital outlay.
  • Modifying the approval process to permit quicker approval and construction of needed facilities.
  • Providing information to districts regarding changes and new requirements in the approval process.
  • Identifying alternative funding sources for community college facilities.
  • Supporting legislation for a majority vote approval of local bonds.

It is our aim to include as many colleges as possible as members of CCFC, as well as those business entities which are involved in the community college facility process. With the membership of college presidents, facilities specialists and business entities, we believe a formidable alliance can be forged.

CCFC has been in the vanguard of the statewide bond campaign efforts since the formation of the Coalition. The CCFC Board of Directors has established a fundraising goal for the community colleges based on $1 per FTES, which, if successful, would generate in excess of $1 million for the next bond campaign. CCFC has effectively advocated for an appropriate funding allocation, with community colleges receiving 40% of the higher education funds in Propositions 47 and 55, and almost 50% in Proposition 1D. It is critical that community colleges be included and adequately funded in future bond campaigns.

CCFC has an important role to play to enable community colleges to meet the
demands for postsecondary education in the State. Your active participation in CCFC is essential to the viability of the organization and the success of our mission.

CCFC holds an annual meeting in the fall, and meets periodically during regular meetings of the Community College League of California (CCLC) in order to minimize travel costs for community college personnel.

From a handful of community college presidents in the spring of 1993, a substantial organization of members has been formed. At the present time we have a membership of 53 community college districts (out of a possible 72), along with our private sector partners, for a total membership of approximately 220.

We believe membership in this Coalition is important to your facility program.

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