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May 11, 2018

CCFC Budget Update: Governor Issues May Revision, No New Facilities Projects Funded

Today, Governor Brown released his May Revision update to the 2018-19 budget proposed in January. The May Revision incorporates the latest economic forecasts and updated revenue figures based on April tax receipts. Despite a positive economic forecast and increased revenue projections, the Governor emphasized the importance of fiscal restraint and preparing for the next economic downturn. The May Revision estimates an additional $8.8 billion over what the Governor projected in January.

Capital Outlay and School Bond

The May Revision does not propose to fund any additional community college capital outlay projects. The January budget proposed to fund five new capital outlay projects in 2018-19. In April, the Administration issued an April budget letter supporting funding for a sixth capital outlay project, at Imperial Valley CCD. At that time, the Administration also proposed to fund the working drawings phase in addition to preliminary plans in 2018-19 for the five new projects proposed in January. The six projects are worth a total of $139.8 million through construction.

The Chancellor’s Office recommends funding 14 new capital outlay projects, and CCFC supports this request.

We need your help! See below for information on how you can engage in the advocacy process on this issue.

Deferred Maintenance and Instructional Support 

The May Revision includes a decrease of $131.7 million in one-time Proposition 98 General Fund, for a total of $143.5 million for deferred maintenance, instructional equipment, and specified water conservation projects. This is a reflection of alternative spending priorities.

Student Funding Formula 

The May Revision includes adjustments in response to feedback from the Chancellor’s Office and colleges. The adjustments revise the formula framework, supplemental metrics, and student success incentive metrics. The revised formula will include a base grant (60% of funding), a supplemental grant based on the number of enrolled low-income students (20%), and a student success incentive base grant based on the number of degrees, certificates, and transfers (20%). The May Revision provides an additional $104 million in one-time Proposition 98 General Fund to provide one-time discretionary resources to districts whose year-over-year increase in general purpose apportionment funding would be less than 2.71 percent (the budget’s cost-of-living adjustment).

Online College

In response to feedback from stakeholders, the May Revision includes adjustments and clarification on a variety of issues related to the proposed online community college. The Board of Governors would serve as the governing board, and the authorizing legislation will clarify the intent for the online college to create unique content and not duplicate content already provided by local colleges.

Advocacy and Next Steps

CCFC will continue to encourage the Legislature to include funding for all 14 capital outlay projects in the 2018-19 budget. The Legislature must act to pass a budget by June 15, so time is of the essence to make the case for funding the remaining projects. Please submit a letter to the Legislature urging them to fund all 14 projects and preserve the capital outlay program. Use the link below for a template letter that you can use.

Click here for the Contact the Legislature Letter Template

Send a copy of your letter to Jessica Contreras ( at CCFC. Thank you for your participation.

Rebekah Cearley
CCFC Legislative Advocate