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September 11, 2020

CCFC Legislative Update: Governor Signs SB 115, Funding 8 New Capital Outlay Projects; November Local Bond Elections

SB 115 Signed by Governor

On September 9, 2020, the Governor signed SB 115, which makes modifications to the FY 20-21 budget. This includes funding from Proposition 51 for preliminary plans and working drawings for 8 new community college projects worth $16.6 million. These projects were originally proposed to receive this funding in FY 21-22, but they were included in SB 115 to accelerate the timeline to stimulate the economy. These projects are in addition to the 25 new capital outlay projects approved previously in the FY 21-22 budget. Most of the $2 billion in community college Proposition 51 bond authority has now been reserved for approved projects.

The new projects include:

  • Mt. San Antonio CCD– Mt. San Antonio College: Technology and Health Replacement - $5,243,000
  • North Orange CCD– Fullerton College: Music/Drama Complex-Buildings 1100 and 1300 Replacement - $3,295,000
  • Peralta CCD– College of Alameda: Aviation Complex Replacement - $1,053,000
  • San Francisco CCD– San Francisco City College: Cloud Hall Reconstruction - $1,575,000
  • Shasta-Tehama-Trinity CCD– Shasta College: Building 200 Modernization - $1,375,000
  • Sierra Joint CCD– Sierra College: Science Building Phase 1 - $2,345,000
  • South Orange CCD– Saddleback College: Science Math Building Reconstruction - $1,300,000
  • Yuba CCD– Yuba College: Building 800 Life and Physical Science Modernization - $390,000.

November Local Bond Elections

A presidential election year is typically a popular time to pursue a local school bond. This November, the ballot contains fewer measures than we have seen in recent presidential election years.

There are 60 proposed K-14 local bond measures worth $13.3 billion on the November 2020 ballot. One proposed bond, for Los Angeles Unified School District, is worth $7 billion and accounts for over half the total dollar amount.

There are three proposed community college district bonds worth a total of $1.39 billion:

  • Citrus CCD- $298,000,000
  • Monterey Peninsula CCD- $230,000,000
  • San Jose-Evergreen CCD- $858,000,000

There are multiple reasons why we are seeing fewer bonds on the ballot this year. One is likely concern over voter mood during the COVID-19 crisis. Another likely reason is the poor passage rates from March 2020, when only 36% of proposed K-14 bonds were approved. Issues that impacted that election, such as the new ballot label requirements created by AB 195 in 2017, are likely affecting prospects for new local bond measures. CCFC continues to support efforts to reform the ballot label requirements.

For more information on AB 195 reform efforts, please click here to read about SB 268. Please note that the Governor vetoed SB 268 (Wiener) in 2019.

Rebekah Cearley
CCFC Legislative Advocate