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Bond Campaign Fundraising Guidelines and Cautions

The primary purpose of the Political Reform Act is to publicly identify the sources of funds that are being used to finance political campaigns.

As you proceed with your plans to conduct "Meet and Greet" sessions for the purpose of raising campaign donations for the State School Bond campaign, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Individual donations of $100 or more must identify each of the following:
    • Donor's Name and address (PO boxes are NOT acceptable)
    • Donor's Occupation and Employer
  2. Company or organization donation checks generally have printed company names and addresses on them, but if not, these must be provided.
  3. If individuals are making contributions for which they will be reimbursed by their employer, a check directly from the employer simplifies the record keeping and reporting process. It may even be simpler for the employer, if multiple individual contributions are going to be made and reimbursed, to consolidate the contributions into a single check. Otherwise the individuals must be reported as intermediaries for the employer and that information (for teh ultimate contributor and the intermediary) must be clearly provided to the CCFC Issues Committee.
  4. Bond campaign contributions are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for either individuals or companies.
  5. Checks should be made payable to any of the following:
    • Community College Facility Coalition – Issues Committee
    • CCFC – Issues Committee
    • CCFC - IC
  6. The CCFC Tax ID is 94-3189557. The FPPC ID is 1220380.
  7. No public resources may be used in the planning or hosting of CCFC Issues Committee fundraising events.

Historically, CCFC has kept a scorecard, which is on the CCFC website, showing the contributions attributable to each community college district. Meet and Greet organizers should continue this process in order to give credit where credit is due.

Major Donor Reporting

Persons – including corporations, nonprofit organizations, partnerships and individuals – which make $10,000 or more in campaign contributions to California state and/or local candidates, ballot measures, PACs and/or political parties in a calendar year are "Major Donors" and must file semi-annual FPPC Form 461 reports. Major Donors making contributions of $1,000 or more during the last 16 days before an election are required to file "Late Reports" (FPPC Forms 497) within 24 hours.

Prohibition Against the Use of Public Resources

State law strictly prohibits public employees from participating in ballot measure campaigns during compensated work hours, or from expending public resources for campaign purposes. No campaign events or activities should be held on public properties or make use of public resources or equipment unless fiar market rent is paid for the use either by CCFC Issues Committee or by a private donor as an in-kind contribution to the CCFC Issues Committee.  Public facilities may be leased/rented for fundraising events as long as the facility is leased/rented at fair market value.

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